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This is the 8 week online nutrition and training coaching package. This package is suitable for women of all fitness levels and goals worldwide.


Nutrition is the key to your goals, I ensure you will be eating foods you enjoy. If you live a busy life I will make sure your meals are easy to prepare and nutrient dense to give you more energy for the day. Your meal plan will give you a breakdown of total macronutrients and calories for the day. I work with all dietary requirements including vegans and vegetarians.


Your training plan will be designed around your goals and the equipment you have available to workout with. If you train at the gym or at home, can only train 3x days a week or want to train 5x days a week.. I will create the perfect training program for you.


Check-ins are every 2 weeks where you will email me your completed check in form and progress photos, so I can review your nutrition and training plans. Based on your progress and feedback, adjustments and updates will be made to your plans.You can email me anytime, and I encourage you to send me training videos, so I can give you feedback on your form.


You will have access to my cell so we can communicate inbetween your check-ins via Imessage or Whatsapp.



Pay week to week using Australian based direct debit billing service with your credit card. This option is available to clients worldwide but not applicable to sales.


To enquire please email



After purchasing your coaching package, you will instantly download your client questionnaire form to complete in detail. This form allows me to get to know you, your goals and your lifestyle so I can program your plans accurately. You will also be required to take starting photos, so I can track your progress over the next 8 weeks. After I receive all of your completed forms + pictures, I will send your first set of programs within 7 business days via email. After you receive these you can ask any questions you might have before getting started.


I look forward to working with you over the next 8 weeks to coach you into the best version of yourself!


Please note all prices are in US dollars and there are no refunds on online coaching packages. All sales are final.


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