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Purchase the Shape Yourself 8 week program and receive the Home Workout Program for FREE. The Home Workout Program will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase. Offer ends July 1st.

What is the Shape Yourself 8 week program?

This program is designed for women that want to lose body fat, shape glutes, tighten core, build muscle while eating the foods they love. Receive 150+ exercise videos, 2 phases of training, glute activation guide, recipes and more!


What's included?

- One time price of $67

- Instant download

- Phase 1 training: weeks 1 to 4

- Phase 2 training: weeks 5 to 8

- 10 ab workouts designed to shape + tighten your core

- 10 fat burning cardio workouts that are 20 minutes or less

- Glute workout guide that activates all areas of your glutes to give you fuller and firmer glutes

- Password access to 100+ exercise videos to show you with proper form and tempo

- Approved grocery list with over 100 items

- Sample meal plan

- Social eating and treat meal guidelines

- Simple recipes to follow

- Access to exclusive Facebook forum

Sneak peak to what's inside


Exercise video library


Recipe guide


Glute guide

BONUS: Receive the 12 wk home workout program for free!

The home workout program is designed for females to lose body fat, tone your body and grow your glutes. All you need is one pair of dumbbells and a booty band. The program comes with 50+ new exercise videos and will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchasing the Shape Yourself 8 week program.

Client Transformations



"I use to do a lot of cardio and train on lower calories. But now I am nourishing my body and training hard. I work hard in the gym and have grown so much muscle, I appreciate Melissa's guidance and knowledge."
Tiana @tianamartinello


"I feel better than ever. I am down 20 pounds and did this program without any nutrition restrictions. I watch Melissa everyday on snap chat and it gives me so much motivation and determination."



"Thank you for putting together this program. I felt so confident in my own skin on my Europe holiday and got so many compliments on the definition of my legs and arms."
Alexis @hayitsalexis

Sophie Hunt.jpeg

"After completing the 8 week Shape Yourself Program I felt so strong, not only physically but mentally. I can finally see definition that I haven't ever seen before in my body and it's amazing! The workout program was challenging but so rewarding and I'm so happy to be apart of this community of strong women."

Sophie Hunt @sophiehunt

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