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Below are a few of my clients I've had the honoured to work with. They've learned the skills required to achieve their dream bodies that will last them a lifetime.



"Melissa has changed my life with her meal plans, weekly workouts and so much support! @melissa_leman has just made me feel so much more confident and happy not just with my appearance but mentally as well!"



"Mel, I cannot even begin to explain the impact you have had on my life! Thank you for coaching me, pushing me, believing in me and for being so much more than just a 'coach' you really go above and beyond."



"I turned 50 in January and I first reached out to @melissa_leman to work with her to achieve my best physique. It feels amazing to have achieved this goal! Thank you Melissa, your nutrition and training programs are just one part of the process. You inspired me to push past my self doubt and I am so happy with the progress we have made."



"Thanks to your expertise in programming my nutrition and training I am 94 lbs lighter. I couldn't have done it without you keeping me motivated and encouraged. I can't wait to continue my journey with you. You're the best coach!"



"Wow, the changes in my body are just incredible. Trusting the process and you is the best thing I have done. The training and nutrition is amazing, you're amazing. Thank you for all of your dedication to my journey, I have achieved everything I wanted and more!"



"As always, your plans are bomb, you make the yummiest meal plans! I wanted to say thank you for coaching me, I feel like I've come out of it with a new appreciation for my body. You're amazing and I'm very grateful for everything you do for me."



"Melissa you have some serious magic, you're a wizard! You've shaped me physically and mentally in a way I never knew how.  The amount of knowledge I've gained is buckets full. I can't thank you enough."



"I love that the meal plans are so simple and uncomplicated and training programs are always fun & challenging. You’ve definitely helped me so much and been the positive influence that I’ve needed in my fitness/health journey!"



"I’m so bloody proud of myself and how far have come in the last 24 weeks working with @melissa_leman, I've felt strong and healthy the entire way through."

Kimberley Jade.JPG


"It might loo like little progress to some but I'm pushing hard and loving the results! Massive thanks to my coach @melissa_leman @team_leman for all of your support and guidance, nothing beats experience and this girl knows her stuff!"

If you would like to chat to me, so I can help you with your goals please introduce yourself via my contact form by clicking the button below

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