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Ramp up the intensity and crush your goals at home with minimal equipment. This program is designed for females to lose body fat, tone and get fit.


All you need is one pair of dumbbells and a booty band.


After payment you will be able to download the 12 Week Home Workout Program. I will then email you within 24 hours with the link to the Private Facebook Forum so you can join.


What's included:

- One time price of $37

- Instant download

- Phase 1 training: weeks 1 to 4

- Phase 2 training: weeks 5 to 8

- Phase 3 training: weeks 9 to 12

- Fat burning cardio workouts

- Core strengthening workouts

- Password access to exercise video library to provide you with proper form

- Access to exclusive Facebook forum



Please note all prices are in US dollars.

There are no refunds on digital downloads.


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